2 Weeks until Bulldog 50k

It is 2 weeks to go until my first ultra marathon. The 50k Bulldog Off Road Marathon in the Malibu Mountains.

I am sure I should be tapering in order to race the best result possible but I am enjoying the sport and my cross training too much at the moment and I am not really worried about not finishing.

I just did a 24 mile run on Sunday including a lot of trails to the overlook above Pacific Coast Highway near Topanga. The next day I was fit enough for 3 hours of tennis and some boarding as well as a climbing strength workout.

My neighbor Adam (www.whosisadamcolton.com) has some of the best lonboard skater in the world over to shoot some videos and its just too much of a good time rolling around town with this boys. (I can highly recommend it – makes for a really good leg workout).

Today I will be taking it a little easier as I need to prepare some more training tips for http://www.trinited.com and get some paperwork done.

Keep rocking folks and talk later.



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